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Surrounded by Tresibaba, Tupižnica and Stara Planina mountains with their environment make Knjaževac an ideal area for hunting. In this area are four hunting areas totaling approximately 60,000 acres, "Tupižnica", "Serbja šume II", "Tresibaba", and "Midžor-Kalna. From wild animals are the most common: trophy deer, pheasant, otter, rabbit. This opens up opportunities for the arrival of hunters who could be found accommodation in nearby villages, and in hunting lodges.

In the hunting reserve Tupižica there is a deer reserve, pheasant farm with approximately 1 500 pheasant chicks, a part of hunting for wild pigs, and fenced grounds for training dogs to hunt wild boar.

Hunting Area "Stara planina" is located on the eastern slopes of Stara planina mountain Hunters can hunt deer, roe deer, foxes, wild boars, wolves.

Hunting areas are under jurisdiction of three hunting associations, which are located in Kalna, Minićevo and Knjaževac.

Hunting Association Knjaževac
Address: Kej Veljka Vlahovića 19
Phone: 019 731 705

Hunting Association Knjaževac has two hunting lodges.

Hunting club Minićevo
Address: Minićevo, St. Trg slobode
Phone: 019 769 605

Hunting area has the following hunting facilities: 8 stable waiting, waiting on the tree 15, 30 feeding sites for big wild animals, 20 feeding sites for pheasants and quail, 170 soloists and 40 watering holes. In recent years develops foreign hunting turism and there are currently on offer facilities for training dogs, pointers, hunting partridge, which has a large number of quail and snipe. For true lovers of hunting and nature we offer hospitality in 10 renovated cottages in the heart of hunting grounds and a few cottages that are also owned by hunters on the mountains Tupiznica and Stara Planina.

Hunting club Minićevo offers reception for guests in private accommodation based on the original hunting tourism in the huts and cottages in the area, and also in the Motel “Beli Timok” in Minićevo with 4 bedrooms

Hunting club Kalna
Address: Kalna


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