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Rural tourism

District of Knjaževac extends through the scenic river valleys Svrljiški, Trgoviški, and Beli Timok, on hilly slopes of Tresibaba and Tupižnica, and the attractive areas of the northern part of the Stara Planina.

A varied landscape, from the gentle valley to the the highest peak of Serbia (excluding Kosovo and Metohija) - Midžor (2169 m), continental climate, thermal springs, high mountain streams and rivers, forest areas, which alternate with orchards, vineyards and fields, diverse flora and fauna, make this area extremely attractive for rural tourism.

If you choose to stay in one of the villages on the slopes of the mountain (Crni Vrh, Ćuštica, Balta Berilovac) you will have the opportunity to enjoy in walks through untouched nature, to hiking, to pick herbs. And at the end of the day, when you back tired, friendly hostess will offer you local specialties - belmuž, cheese, hot bread and other traditional dishes of local cuisine.

If hiking is for you too daring, you can go to the Gornja and Donja Kamenica where you can see the church of the Holy Virgin from the fourteenth century, the Monastery of the Holy Trinity from the fifteenth century.

One reason more to visit this mountain village is the existence of an old water mill in the Baltia Berilovac and maintenance event,” Prayer at Midžor'', where the sports games and competitions held between those mountain villagers and the preparation of traditional dishes.

The village is surrounded by cliffs Gradište and forests, on the small river is Brane Veljković household. In the yard there is a pond with trout and small hydroeletric ower station with the dam, so that visitors can enjoy at the small pond. On the property there is decorated walking trail that leads through the woods to the old mill. The hosts will gladly serve specialties from fresh fish, but also organize walks around, hunting, gathering berries and herbs, fishing.

For turists who like more pleasant environment we recommend the villages in the river valleys: Rgošte, Ravna, Potrkanje.

Villages in the valleys of the Timok River are characterized by indescribable beauty, where overlaps ethno motifs and tradition with late Roman sites and monuments. What will attract are excellent wines of Knjazevac vineyards that have been awarded many times.

The village Ravna is located straight on the road Knjaževac-Zaječar, and from the town Knjaževca is 9.5 km away. In the village Ravna is an archeological site Timacum Minus that was one Roman settlement, whose foundations date from the first century AD. It is believed that here was at the beginning one military camp of the Roman legions, which later, in the third and fourth century, turned into a fortress with towers.

Based on the extracted slabs from the ground in the archaeological park in Ravna is made a valuable collection of ethno monuments (at school in Ravna), which speak about Latin, the inhabitants of these settlements. In systematic investigations of this park, in the period since 1975. to 1990, was found dozens of Roman monuments-the altar, royal honorary inscriptions, grave stele, and numerous other pieces of ancient bronze and marble sculptures, relief's and other items of high value art and craft. Ethno-archaeological park in the Ravna has already been mentioned Lapidarium, old village school house in traditional style, in whose basement is setting Wine Museum.

If you are a lover of antiquity and the good wine Ravna is  the right place for you.

Only a few kilometers from the village Rgošte and Podvis there is a sports and recreation center Banjica, which receives water from thermal spring Rgoška Banjica. Isolated from the town, surrounded by greenery, it is a place for swimmers who can swim in the Olympic pool dimensions 25 x 50 m, and for children who will enjoy the so-called. brčkalište - a small pool with a maximum depth of 50cm. This will be a real holiday for people who want peace and tranquility away from city crowds.

In our villages, you will be welcomed as a friend and close to your hand will be a healthy home-cooked food, unspoiled nature, clean air and more that will remind you of childhood, forgotten dishes, birds, waking up with crowing singer.

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