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Rgoška Spa

Rgoška Banja is located on the Svrljig Timok bank, between the village Rgošte and mines Tresibaba and Podvis (not intended), 5km southwest of Knjaževac. In this area there are many spring that come to the bearing fault length of 800m (some springs appear on the banks of Svrljiški Timok, and some were sunk). The spa is known since ancient times the evidenced of this fact are some remains of a Roman bath.

Chemical laboratory “Geoinstitut” from Belgrade in 1996 done the analysis of water from Rgoška Spa, and according that examination we can say the following:

According to the temperature of mineral water Rgoška Banja is warm or sub thermal (20-37oC). From a therapeutic point of view belongs to hypothermal spa (20-34oC). This is very important for therapeutic use in the present time when the are more and more people with heart disease, because it is known that the spa with a high water temperature caused worsening heart disease.

Chemical analysis of water Rgoška Banja gives us possibility for some thoughts about its medicinal importance. Medicine are saying about importance of selenium and its effect in the treatment of cancer. Radon, which occurs in some springs as you can see in numerous blisters is suitable for respiratory inhalation. It is known that magnesium has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, and in the water Banjica it is contained in an amount of 17.6 mg / l. Fluoride contained in spa water in an amount of 0.2 mg / l and it is a safe protector of teeth, and allows the bone density, so those people who drink spa water made prevention. Also, it was noted that the shallow scratches on the body can heal quickly with bathing in the spa water which could be connected with the presence of manganese. Otherwise, most people come to being treated for sciatica, rheumatism, and certain neurological diseases.

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