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The Old Mountain

Stara Planina is the natural property of an extraordinary importance, and excellent potential for tourism developing.
Area "Babin Zub" named after the pick Babin Zub, height 1758m above the sea level It occupies the northwestern slopes of Midžor (2169m above the sea level) – Babin Zub - Bolvan (1434m above the sea level) - Brezovička čuka (above the sea level is 1282m) and on the southern slopes of the main ridge of the mountain border with Bulgaria near sStrmna River, Debeličke and Crnovrška River, covering an area of 100.8 km2. On the territory of Knjaževac this area includes the entire area of the villages Ćuštica and Crni Vrh and parts of the villages of Balta Berilovac and Janja.

The relief of the mountain is a natural value that is found in a small number of mountains in our country. It is the territorial scope of the great mountain peaks above 1400m. Mild and sharp climbs, green meadows, river valleys, the complexes covered by coniferous forests are the basis for the development of different forms of tourism. The climate is extremely favorable from the standpoint of tourism development. Stara Planina is almost five months under the snow at an altitude between 1100m and 1900m, which is a good basis for practicing winter sports.

Forests provide a rich fauna for hunting tourism, and in summer you can enjoy the following activities: hiking, paragliding, mount-biking and running.

This mountain area is ecologically clean and healthy, with no air pollution and "dirty industries''. As strict nature reserves were declared Babin Zub, Draganište and Golema Reka (River), the waterfall Bigrenog has the status of hydrological nature monument.

A large range of altitude determined the development and survival of rare species of plants. Very interesting plant communities of peat bogs are located on Jabučko Ravnište.

The richness of the flora is also reflected in the wealth of medicinal plants. These are the herbs: thyme, blueberry, yarrow, plantain, juniper, thyme, gentian and many others. In this field, can be found and many species of macro fungi.

Fauna researching of the mountain butterfly found 116 different butterflies.

The researchers found six species of amphibians and 12 species of reptiles, from 46 species of living in the entire territory of Serbia.

Area of the mountain is characterized by the presence of 26 different fish.

The number of known birds of the mountain is 203 (which is about 53.1% of the total number of known birds in Serbia), so that the Stara Planina is one of the greatest European centers for researches.

So far, on the Municipal Knjazevac part of this mountain area has build Mountain lodge with 80 beds and 2 star hotel which has 60 beds.

Near these two buildings is a four-seat lift, anchor and two ski runs. Also, above the hotel is a multipurpose sports field.

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