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Municipal Patron Saint Day

Orthodox Church in Knjaževac (Gurgusovcu) 1835.godine was built and dedicated to the  St. George. St.George lived in the Roman Empire during the Emperor Diocletian, who was known for his persecution of Christians. St. George was, despite a huge haslles,  preached Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven, and Emperor Diocletian ordered his execution. He was executed on 6. May (30 April) 303.and  that day is celebrated in  his name.

Knjazevac municipality took this day - 6 May Day of Saint George - for his Patron Saint Day. Host in this day in  Knjaževac is the Mayor. On that Day, in the Church of Saint George, is held an Episcopal liturgy,cutting Patron Saint holly cake,and piligrimage. For celebrating this Day the Municipalty  organizes scientific, sporting, cultural, art and children's events, visit shrines and monuments and other activities by the program committee for celebrating the Municipal Patron Saint Day.

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