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Municipal Day

Liberation from centuries Turkish rule Timok area were, at last, 1833. when people rose up in rebellion decisively. 17. May 1833. is the date when, after 437 years in this region, deposed Ottoman rule and feudal order. This date is the date that will mean a magnificent gate through which Gurgusovac step into the future development within their homeland of Serbia and along with it in the mainstream of civilization of Europe in the XIX and XX. As the Turks are opposed to the regular army Miloševoj were surrendered on 17. May and one of his choice go to Pirot, and another in Nis. The Serbs then took ditch Gurgusovac tower, which meant that the Knjaževac, then Gurgusovac, was forever freed from the Turks.

In socio-historical and economic terms, this date represents a turning point in the development of Gurgusovca, from the 1859th of Knjazevac and the its area. Already in the summer 1833rd the Prince Miloš here will establish the front of the new civilian government, administration, after which the Gurgusovac begin to grow rapidly in the economic, educational and cultural level. In 1835. here is  opened the first elementary school, a church, then the hospital, post office, gymnasium and others. institutions, which will give it an important attribute of the administrative, economic and cultural center.

Historically this date is the finale of a great national liberation movements directed towards the liberation from Ottoman imperia, which defended the Serbian national being of the people of this region.

17. May is an expression of loyalty of people from the Timok area to the age-old ideal: to live freely and equally with other Serbian nation is in the same state. Therefore, it is not only our ancestors property, but it belongs to present and future generations, because it is the spirit of protection of freedom that is just born and rich.

17. May is the date that is inscribed in the history of our municipality, and its celebration is began with the commemoration in 1994. and has been recognized as a day of Knjaževac, which marks the opening, ceremonial session of the Municipal Assembly, the public awarding , sporting, cultural and other events.


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