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Prayer at the Midžor

Tourist – Economy event "St. George's meetings - Prayer at Midžor" is held in the villages Vrtovac and Balta Berilovac (35 km from Knjaževac).

The first part of the event takes place on St. George's Day on the 06th May, in the village Vrtovac. St. George Day is the most cheerful ritual feast day for the farmers which celebrate the spring and nature. Ceremonial ritual, the power of nature "transferred" to humans, livestock and crops.

St. George starts picking flowers and herbs on Herbal Friday and ritual weaving of wreaths on the river. Celebration continues first milking sheep, and on the day of glory around the cells in the ceremonial procession which is going at Vrtovac- cheese is made sanctification, adorns the area around the cell with flowers and mountain herbs, a woman who represents the spirit of nature. The procession ends slaughter a lamb in every home. The most important act of the ritual slaughter of a black male lamb decorated with a wreath and lit candles on the horn, when people of Budžak called "Prayer."

The second part of the vent taking place in the village of Balta Berilovac and starts with blessing and calling by ćaja- Commander of this ceremony, shepherds and people.

Next part is the cultural program, sports and entertainment Shepherd’s games, the choice of the most beautiful shepherdess from Budžak, competition in the preparatory old dishes. At the event can also see the old crafts, but also show medicinal plants and its application.

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