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Serbian Youth Culture Festival (FKMS)

In 1951. group of students from the Timok region came to the idea of organizing a multicultural event. That idea was realized in 1962. when in the yard of the High School Knjaževac where held the first student games involving about 300 students from several cities from Timok and Nis region. In 1966. it becomes a republic event and got name SERBIAN STUDENTS MUSIC GAMES, and then SERBIAN ARTISTIC YOUTH GAMES and  AND SERBIAN STUDENTS. From the beginning in 1972. festival is held under the name the SERBIAN YOUTH CULTURE FESTIVAL.

Since the beginning of the organization until 1984, the festival lasts as a competition for young artists in music, poetry, theater dance and artistic photography. With the increase novelty and quality of programs offered by the festival audience loses competitive character and has grown into a unique parade of top achievements of young artists. Its existence the festival has started in music (folk and popular) and painting. Classical music became part of the program in 1967.; art photography in 1968, youth cartoons in 1971., oratory and film in 1972. , folklore in 1973., choral singing and drama in 1974., 1981., ballet and sports and video creation in 1985.

When we, after more than four decades, look to its beginnings we can be proud to say that the numbers presented programs, performers and guests are the best indicators of the importance of the Festival. More than 50,000 young authors presented up to now its artistic achievements, and there is hardly any significant personalities in the cultural and public stage which has not participated in the Festival.

Serbian Youth Culture Festival is traditionally held in early July and lasts 5-7 days.

In recent years, its standard program schedule includes competition for artistic photography, poetic contest in conjunction with another program of Radio Belgrade, the opening of representative art exhibits, evenings of folk, pop and rock music. Regularly represented a dramatic and final film festival folk leading troops in the country.

Festival sponsors are the Ministry of Culture and Municipality Knjaževac.
The executive producer of the Festival is Cultural Center Knjaževac.
Address: Branka Radičevića 1, Knjaževac
Phone: 063 452 480
Contact person: Slaviša Radenković, president of the Festival organization board.

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