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Tourist Organization


Miloša Obilića 1
Tel. 019 735 230
faks: 019/732-730
direktor: Boban Marković

Info-centar TOOK
Knjaza Miloša 37

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Tourist organization of Knjaževac was established in 2002 as a public service, promoting and enhancing tourism in Knjaževac Municipality. Promotion of tourism and business deals Tourist Organization realized through printed promotional materials, appearances at tourism fairs, wine fairs and organization of the fairs, exhibitions of souvenirs, handicrafts and food products in the fair entrepreneurship.

Special attention in 2006 was dedicated to the development of rural tourism as one of the options for improving the overall quality of life in the countryside, and to improve the tourism offer of Municipality. Development of rural tourism is encouraged thought training for rural tourism, where the hosts learned the basic rules of business in rural tourism, and also offered a free categorization.

“Prayer at Midzor'”and ''The Meeting at Kadibogaz'' are the events that take place under our auspices. These events are kept from forgetting our traditions and ancient customs of the preparation of traditional dishes, telling folk tales and songs, perform traditional folk music.

Also, the Tourist Organization is necessary tekes part in organizations of the events which general organization take entrepreneurs, institutions, and nongovernmental organizations engaged in fostering the culture, sport and tradition.

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Субота      25.03.

Max. 19°C Min. 8°C

Преподне претежно сунчано. Поподне наоблачење, могућа појава краткотрајне кише.

Недеља     26.03.

Max. 15°C Min. 6°C

Преподне променљиво облачно. Поподне наоблачење, могућа слаба киша. У току ноћи могући суснежица и снег у брдско-планинским пределима.

Понедељак 27.03.

Max. 12°C Min. 4°C

Ујутру и део преподнева претежно облачно. У току дана разведравање.

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